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Slave Grade III – The Polished Steel Collar

slave Grade III – The Polished Steel Collar

When slave was first interviewed Mistress may have looked preoccupied, but as always she was seeing and hearing everything. It’s the things you don’t say which often provide the most insight. And whilst the words you say tell me a story, the body is where I find the true meaning.

So when Mistress began teasing her slave about making them service another at her command, she knew she was pressing a button which would excite. Good behaviour deserves rewarding. If I order you to suck cock, any cock I tell you, you will suck that cock. Do you understand slave, ordered Mistress in her best disguised teasing voice.

The slave visibly quivered as the words left Mistress’s mouth. Good slave, patting him on the head, you do deserve a little treat though. I’ll get one now, and maybe next time you’ll service that cock as I watch. Slave sat there blindfolded in silence almost shaking, Mistress’s teasing command still running round its slave mind.

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Meanwhile Mistress Isobel visited her slave cupboard and brought forth another slave. Slave 1 waited oblivious to the delicious treat in store. The next thing he felt was Mistress, her hand on the collar, open your mouth now she commands. Immediately it was filled with cock, slave instinctively knew this was not Mistress’s cock.

Blindfolded he could not see, but he could feel the eyes of Mistress upon him. Somehow knowing this was a test he sucked and moaned with everything he had and when commanded emptied the cock of its contents. (Mistress sometimes has her slaves abstain and save their cum for weeks)

At the next session when The Polished Steel Collar was placed around his neck, slave knew he had pleased Mistress Isobel. He was now slave Grade III. And as the next eagerly awaited session of control, worship and training began, slave slipped away into submission knowing Mistress would take care of everything.

Mistress Isobel

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  1. Highness Mistress Isobel,

    I am a male Submissive, and i LOVED that story. I wish I could suck another slaves cock to completion. I will empty it for him. Maybe, I will be permitted your cock!

    Thank you
    -Slaveboy Sean

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