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Mistress Puts A Particular Slave Through Their Initial Assessment

Mistress puts a particular slave through their initial assessment

Mistress is holding interviews for a personal slave, you have been successful and invited for your initial assessment.

Mistress invites you to come and be seated before her. You find yourself transfixed by her: long legs, hi-heels, a tiny glimpse of her stocking tops and you feel your cock beginning to grow hard in your trousers.

Mistress explains that today is a practical interview, ‘I want to see if you will be suited to the position and duties I require of you’ she explains. You begin to feel there is something different about this woman, you think you see something bulging under her skirt, and as she walks past you to lock the door you feel something hard brush against your arm.

Walking back she drops her pen on the floor, immediately and wanting to please you drop onto your knees to pick it up. As you look up you find Mistress standing in front of you. ‘Good slaves’ she says as she strokes your head, ‘you stay there’….you cannot believe your luck as she starts to ease her skirt up over her stockings to reveal her panties…but they are bulging, its not as you expected.

Glued to the spot – your cock twitching and growing harder by the moment – Mistress slides her big hard shemale cock out of her panties.

‘Your main duty is to please me, now open your mouth…and keep it open.’ Powerless to do anything you open your mouth, thoughts flood your mind – anticipation, excitement – but before you know it all you can think of is how full of cock your mouth is.

Mistress Isobel Images 4

Mistress begins to fuck your face, deeper and deeper, ‘open wider bitch and make your mouth wet’ she orders – you comply and submit to her every order relishing the feeling of being dominated and used by Mistress. You whimper and you moan as she forces her cock deeper down your throat. But like a good slave you take every inch deeper and moan as her ever growing cock gets bigger and bigger inside you… her cock begins to pulse and you willingly hold your mouth wide open as she pumps her cum into you, taking every last drop you beg Mistress to be allowed to lick her cock clean.

She coldly turns away and tells you to stand – I’ll be in touch, but there are more candidates to interview first.

You feel confused and used – but never before have you felt this sexually aroused – you love and crave the feeling and promise yourself that you will do anything Mistress Isobel says, if only she will approve your application.

to be continued…

Mistress Isobel

submit your application

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  1. Wow, just had to say what a wonderful feeling you gave me and don’t know if I should be admitting this, but looked at your website and read through your initial interview process, and found it gave me a real hard on. Loved your website and thank you. with all respects of Her Highness Mistress Isobel. slave in waiting. Yours to command, Mark.

  2. Highness Mistress Isobel,

    Another GREAT story! I hope every word of it is true. I hope and crave to feel your cock in my mouth and then ejaculation. Can I lick your cock clean?

    As I read your stories, I find myself quivering in excitement.

    Thank you,
    -Slaveboy Sean

  3. It is so good of you to offer this wonderful test to a prospective submissive or slave. If I were the slave I would be begging to provide Mistress with the maximum pleasure I could. I give myself to you Mistress Isobel

  4. I have submitted my appellation and can’t wait to see if I’m lucky enough to be selected for an interview.

  5. I am so desperate to please Her, I am begging to swallow Her beautiful cock, and every last drop of Mistress cum

  6. Reading this has convinced me that my idea is to place myself into your care and command with a view to attaining a status in your household.

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