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How To Please Mistress – Method #2

how to please Mistress – method #2

I first visited Mistress Isobel’s website and made an internal application. Very good method, my application was soon approved and I was invited for interview.

Upon arrival, I was welcomed into Mistress’ home, very nice I might add. I was interviewed first, with Mistress referring to my application form, a very good method. I immediately realised Mistress is educated, intelligent and very well spoken. Her methods¬†quickly established my likes and dislikes. And I found myself able to speak openly and told Mistress the nature of my desires. I said that I was looking to be dominated in a vocal manner. None of that plain abusive style, but domination with a little flair, fine choice of words and style.

Mozart was playing, the lights were dim and this added to the atmosphere. Mistress revealed a box of toys, and I was introduced to the cane and collar. I received ten lashes for being ten minutes late. This I did suffer. Then Mistress put me under her spell and upon certain phrases I was ordered to do something for Mistress.

Mistress collared me, holding me firmly and teased me with her cock. She began to put her cock slowly into my mouth, then fed it deeper and deeper down my throat, the feeling was amazing and I deep throated what seemed like at least 30 minutes. Much happened, my memory is hazy. But my personal favourite was kneeling to Mistress and being face fucked. Mistress made me suck and wank myself, and just as I was about to cum she filled my mouth with her beautiful juices. A great way to end the session.

I showered afterwards, the facilities are immaculate, clean and hygienic. And after showering, we spoke for a while, a sort of post session interview. Mistress takes a keen interest in her subjects and is certainly no clock watcher.

I will see Mistress Isobel again.

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  1. Ive just met the Mistress for the first time and my session was out of this world she made you feel relaxed before taking on the road to pain and pleasure I have with out doubt made the right choice on my first time experience and will visit the Mistress many more times to complete my training

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