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Lose Control

Lose Control

The desire to kneel and submit to a Beautiful Mistress – Trans or otherwise – can be almost overwhelming. The craving to have someone else take control almost causes you to shiver and tremble with excitement. Your desire to please Mistress is quite natural.

The simple truth is men are often secretly oppressed. Mistress is talking about the role you have to play, always feeling the need to be responsible, have the answers and be in control. That’s why The Mistress is the ultimate fantasy figure, because she offers a total release from the constraints and limitations of your normal life. And in her presence, always heightened and sexually charged, a man is transported into a world of pure pleasure. A place where a he can lose control and submit to his superior Mistress.

But beware; there is an air of danger about the Mistress. A mysterious femme fatale who will corrupt the unsuspecting thrill-seeker with her wanton ways, gently leading you astray into those places of forbidden pleasure you so long to explore.

The Mistress – Mistress Isobel

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  1. I immediately read and followed the instructions that she had given me (.
    I was so happy and horny I immediately started playing with my cock bringing myself close to orgasam then stopping before i came .
    I looked at Mistresses pictures on her email and imagined it was me in the hood deep throating her cock and being face sat on and made to clean Mistresses brown hole mmmm the taste from her hole mixed with Mistresses pre cum tased devine as i swallowed
    Then mistress made me beg her to treat me like a real dirty filthy cock hungry whore ,and also beg Mistress to tale pictures of her fucking my virgin ass and sucking Mistresses cock being covered in Mistresses cum having a mouthful of cum and even having cum dripping from my very used arse .
    From the moment I started telling Mistress of my desires i knew i had found my missing part and would submit and do anything Mistress ordered me to do xxx

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