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Applications and Interviews

The proper way to contact Mistress is to make an application using the form provided below.

In certain circumstances same day appointments may be possible.

Text Mistress on 07580 879126 and await my reply.

Mistress Isobel

Answer The Questions And Submit

The Rules

You might be a novice or you may be experienced, but same rules of conduct apply to all.

1. Mistress makes the rules and the rules are to be obeyed.

2. Applications may be rejected at all stages. Rejections rarely be based on age or physical characteristics.

3. If I reject you, take it personally, it means I don’t want to hear from you again until certain specified criteria are met.

4. In your application you will be given an opportunity to tell Mistress about your fantasies and desires. Take heed: do not rant about you and what you want. Be succinct and brief. Besides, I have ways of knowing what you need from me.

5. A WARNING to those who need it. I have slaves that find people who waste my time.


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