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Fully Trained Slave Worships Mistress In Person

Fully Trained slave worships Mistress in person

Good behaviour is rewarded by Mistress.

And once trained to My complete satisfaction my slaves are called to worship Me in person.

Here is an after session report from one such lucky slave.

Your Highness Mistress Isobel,
it thanks its Owner and Mistress for allowing it to serve Her Highness in person today.
its thoughts are of gratitude and happiness to be allowed to kneel before You. To be allowed to gaze on Your beautiful body and then to serve You with its slave mouth. it thanks its Mistress for the privilege of worshipping you in person and especially for the great honour of using its slave hole for Your pleasure. 
i am owned and ever obedient to Her Highness Mistress Isobel,

respectfully Your slave.

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